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Sungold® Silicon Carbide Waterproof Cloth Discs.
Grits 24 through 600.     
Full resin bond, durable Y weight polyester cloth. 
7" Diameter with 7/8" center hole 
9" Diameter with loop back for use on velcro pad

Sungold® Type FFR Paper Discs 
Grits 40 through 400.  
Full Resin Bond. Silicon Carbide Grain. Heavy Duty Paper Backing.   
5" stick-on with tab for easy removal of liner
5" loop backed for use on velcro pad
5" x 1/4" center hole

Sungold® Type SCR Paper Disc
Grits 80 through 400
 A Weight Silicon Carbide Paper Discs   5" and 6" Diameters.  Stick-on discs on     a roll.

Sungold® Waterproof Paper Disc
Grits 60 through 2000
Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper Discs 
4" and 5" Diameters.   3/8" center hole for water.
Waterproof loop backing for use on velcro pads.

3" x 3" Silicon Carbide Bands

9" x 11" Sandscreen Sheets

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All the discs are laminated and cut in one of our two U.S. facilities.