About Us

Mission Statement

Making the world a safer, more enjoyable and more beautiful place.  The results of our products are all around you. The stunning finish on your stone or fabricated counter top, the beautiful finish on your wood floors and your kitchen cabinets, the musical instruments making wonderful sounds, the golf clubs and snowboards and canoes and boats making your leisure time more enjoyable, the wood grain steering wheel in your car, the mirror in your house, the airplane you are flying on, or the car in your driveway.  These are all products that Sungold products sand every day to make the world safer, more enjoyable and more beautiful.


Seventy percent of the product we sell is shipped from our extensive inventory maintained in our 600,000 cubic foot U.S. warehouse. 94% of orders for stock items are shipped within 24 hours. Our two U.S. factories and our overseas factories are constantly making products to replenish these inventories. Our capabilities include:

                  •  The ability to make any size custom belt from 1/8" wide up to 67" wide, consistently within five working days. Plus an                                                           expedited program capable of shipping made to order belts within 24 hours. 
                  •  Manufacturing of standard and custom size sheets.
                  •  Manufacturing of a full range of disc sizes and types from small runs up to large volumes with extremely fast turn-around.                          


We pride ourselves on making the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. Using ISO materials and computer controlled manufacturing processes, we provide the highest quality products, consistently and reliably.

Meeting Customer Needs 

Whether it is special size belts in small quantities for our industrial distributors, special packaging requirements for major customers, providing JIT programs for machinery manufacturers or just the day to day requirements of shipping stock items within 24 hours, we are constantly working with our customers to meet their special needs.


In addition to our overseas factories, where we manufacture millions of belts and millions of sheets per year, we have two factories located in the United States. These factories provide quick delivery for all size belts and discs. Our U.S. factories are capable of manufacturing over 1,000,000 discs per DAY and 75,000 belts per DAY.