Sungold® Products for Woodworking

Sanding Belts for Portable Belt Sanders                              

Bump free lap joint in popular sizes and grits. Odd sizes and grits made to order in New York     
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Sanding Belts for Stationary Sanders

1" x 30"   |   1" x 42" |   4" x 36"   |   6" x 48"   |   Any custom size made to order
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Cloth Abrasive Sanding Discs for Stationary Sanders

with PSA (pressure sensative adhesive).  Stick on backing for Stationary Sanders.
 6"   |   8"   |   9"   |   10"   |   12"

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Sanding Discs for Woodworking 

Gold DIscs   |   Blue Kassteel   |   Sungold Premium Plus   |   Eclipse Film   |   Sungold Type SC no load silicone carbide         |   Sungold Type JKR J wt Cloth discs for DA sanders
Also available stearated

Every type & variety available: Stick-on   |   Hook & Loop   |   Plain with mounting hole
Discs to fit every vacuum system
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Sanding Belts for Edge Sanders 

2-1/4" x 80"   |   4" x 132"   |   6" X 108"   |   6" X 132"   |   6" X 168"
Any odd size or grit made to order
Available in X weight   |   Y weight   |   J weight
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Sanding Belts for Stroke Sanders

Cloth   |   Paper   |   Open Coat   |   Closed Coat   |   X weight   |   J weight
Any size made to order. Ask about our 24 hour expedite program
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Sanding Belts for Wide Belt Sanders

Cloth   |   Paper   |   AO   |   SC   |   Zirconia
Washable Sanding Belts for Pine Sanding
Very Fine Paper up to 600 grit
Economical X weight cloth belts
Common sizes in stock

Ask about our 24 hour expedite program for special sizes and grits.
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Sungold Sanding Sheets  

Aluminum Oxide Paper   |   Aluminum Oxide 3x Stearated Paper   |   Silicon Carbide Stearated Paper   |   Waterproof Paper   |High Flex Cloth Sheets
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Sanding Sponges 

Many varieties of sanding sponges to choose from
Rectangular Sanding blocks as well as angled and bull nose edges  
1/2" thick soft sponge   |   3/8" thick hi-flex sponge
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Sungold Eclipse Film Discs

IP Graded and Micron Graded
For woodworking.
For Solid Surfaces.
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High Flex Comfortable Scuffing Pad

For odd shape and hard to reach areas
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