Sungold® Auto Body Products

• DA Discs - PSA - link rolls for autobody
• DA Discs - PSA - flat pack with quick pull tab
• DA Discs - Hook & Loop
• DA Discs - plain (no psa)
• Blue Zirconia File Board Paper

• Blue Zirconia 8" Hog Discs
• Blue Zirconia 6" DA Coarse Grits
• 3" Cut-Off Wheels
• Hog Discs - PSA, Hook & Loop
• File Board Paper - PSA, Hook & Loop, Plain
• Fibre Discs - AO, Zirconia
• Quick Attach Discs
•Surface Conditioning Discs for Autobody work 
•2-3/4" PSA rolls
•Sunbrite non-woven handpads for automotive use
•Cleaning & stripping discs
•Waterproof paper for autobody finishing

Sungold® Premium Plus DA Paper for Auto Body  

• Double Resin Bonded
• Hardened Aluminum Oxide
• Longer Lasting
• Cooler Cutting
• Can be used wet
• Film/paper Laminate at Paper Prices

Blue Zirconia E Weight Paper  

• Autobody File Board Paper
• 8" Hog Paper For Automotive Use
• 6" DA Coarse Grits For Auto Body
• Double Resin Bonded
• Aggressive cut
• Long life

3" Cut-off Wheels  

• Premium blend of grains
• Very fast cutting action
•  Close-weave fiberglass gives exceptionally clean cut

Karebac   Catalog   

In 2009, Sungold® purchased Karebac. Karebac Abrasives
are a price conscious line of coated abrasive products.



New Products for Autobody


Sungold®  introduced a new line of compounds, polishes 
and application pads in 2009 specifically designed for 
automotive use.  In 2010  the line was expanded with the 
introduction of several new products.

Eclipse® Film Discs 
Grit range P80 through P2000.            
P-graded and micron graded.

  Kassteel® Blue Discs & File Board
For Auto Body Sanding
Grit range P80 through P600.

Sungold® Sunbrite® Maroon 
Non-woven DIscs 
Application: Paint Removal Around Rivets  
Aluminum Truck Bodies Tractor Trailers


Sungold® products are sold through a network of Certified Sungold Distributors. These distributors are supported by an experienced and dedicated sales force. Sungold has opportunities for distributors in select areas. Opportunities also exist for manufacturer's representatives who have
extensive experience in the automotive market and automotive after market.